Available in PDF format thanks to the organizers of some journeys where I have participated.

“Society and wastes: the leftovers we hide under the carpet”, “+ than Wastes”. Conference: The Social Economy in Municipal Waste Management. A Coruña, Spain (April 2017)
Society and wastes

“Biowaste decentralized agro-composting - the Austrian model”, VI Seminar “Composta en Red”. Pontevedra, Spain (October 2016)
The Austrian composting model

“Decentralized composting as an organic waste management - Case study in Leintz-Gatzaga (Gipuzkoa)”, ISWA World Congress 2016. Novi-Sad, Serbia (September 2016)
Decentralized composting as an organic waste management

“Current techniques and practice of MBT and composting, advantages and constraints”
, ISWA Regional Biowaste Seminar. Sao Paulo, Brazil (November 2015)
Current techniques and practice of MBT and composting

Launching conference of the technical journeys “Composting: practical experiences”
, Lugo Provincial County and ADEGA. Lugo, Spain (November 2015)
Developments in waste management

Reducing mineral fertilizers and chemicals use in agriculture by recycling treated organic waste as compost and bio-char products.
REFERTIL. Second Regional Workshop in Spain. Toledo (October 2014)
Home and commercial composting, small facilities, problems and regulation

SCOW- International Conference for Selective Collection of Organic Waste and Composting at Agricultural and Tourism Area.
Upper Galilee, Israel (June 2014)
Camping's sites self-treatment, low cost, low tech in Spain

The SCOW general model for biowaste management and other alternatives

Launching conference of the SCOW project (Selective Collection of Organic Waste and Composting at Agricultural and Tourism Area).
Barcelona (June 2013)
Biowaste management, key aspects to achieve a successful waste model

First seminar on home and community composting.
Composta en Red. Navarra (October 2010)
The impact of home and community composting in the management costs of biowaste

Models of urban waste management appropriate to the dispersion of the population.
Galicia (May 2008)
Models of Waste Collection and Treatment depending on Population Distribution


Research strategic agenda of the environmental Galician technological platform (ENV.I.TE.)

In March 30, 2010, the strategic agenda of R+D for Galician environmental sector was publicly presented in Santiago de Compostela (the first of this kind in Europe). In this agenda, the challenges and necessities to be adopted in environmental questions in Galicia from now to 2020 for industries, companies and society are described. The responsible redaction team has collaborated with the different platform working groups (water, air, soil, wastes and environmental technologies) to recompile their worries, the most important necessities, opinions and contributions, that there were worked in and incorporated in the agenda.

Download agenda in pdf (spanish)