Online Handbook for small scale composting facility management (SCOW project)

Specific technical documentation for support and dissemination of composting practices generated in the SCOW Project (Selective Collection of Organic Waste in Tourist Areas). The aim of SCOW, funded by the ENPI CBCMED Programme, is to develop low cost, technically simple and high quality biowaste collection and recycling models in territories with touristic areas and agricultural activity. It wants to build up a sustainable, innovative and local treatment of the biowaste in decentralized small-scale composting plants, developed essentially in agricultural holdings situated near the biowaste production areas in the partners’ territories

Handbook for small scale composting facility management


Online Handbook for compost marketing (SCOW project)

Also like part of the technical documentation generated in the SCOW project we presented the following Handbook for Compost marketing. It can be read and download in the following link:

Handbook for Compost marketing